Kel-Tec Sub 2000 - 9mm Luger - Glock 17 



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Kel-Tec Sub 2000 - 9mm Luger - Glock 17

Genuine Glock Mags - Hi Cap

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10 Round Magazine - Genuine Glock

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The SUB-2000 is a self-loading carbine for pistol cartridges. Different versions of the SUB-2000 will accept most modern handgun magazines, see below for a complete list. The SUB-2000 has a greatly extended range compared to a handgun. The superior precision is also very useful against small or partially covered targets at shorter range. The amount of training to master the SUB-2000 is only a fraction of that required for a handgun.

The SUB RIFLE-2000 has been developed from our highly successful SUB 9 rifle. Although retaining some features of the old rifle, the SUB-2000 is a completely new design. Emphasis has been put on consumer safety, but without impeding the performance. Polymers are used to a large extent, resulting in increased durability and reduced price. The SUB-2000 is available in 9 mm Luger and .40 S&W.

The bolt can be locked in the rear position by the operating handle. The main safety is of protected push bolt type disconnecting the trigger bar and interlocking the hammer and sear. By rotating the barrel upwards and back, the SUB 2000 can be reduced to a size of 16" x 7" to facilitate secure storage and utilize the internal deployment lock which is operated by a proprietary key. The rear sight is of aperture type and the fluorescent front sight can be adjusted for windage and elevation.The SUB-2000 can easily be disassembled without tools for cleaning or inspection.


Calibers :

9mm Luger

40 S&W

Weight unloaded lbs. :

4.0 lbs.


Lenght Open :



Length Closed :



Barrel Length :



Aperture rear, Circular hood, Adjustable front Practical range/ over :



Rifle features an internal keyed deployment lock. Rifle can be reduced to a size of16" x 7" to facilitate secure storage :

406 x 178 mm


The SUB-2000 has six main component groups: barrel, bolt, frame, firing mechanism, stock, and magazine. The barrel is made of SAE 4130 Ordnance steel and attaches permanently to the front sight and hinge assembly. A forend is attached to the barrel by Phillips head screws.

The bolt head is casehardened steel, and contains the firing pin and the extractor. The bolt extends backwards and houses the recoil spring assembly and operating handle.

The frame is injection molded in two halves, the left side holding the ejector and serial number. The frame houses the firing mechanism, forms the grip and encloses the barrel hinge and stock tube. The trigger connects via a transfer bar to the sear. The hammer is driven by double torsion spring. A recessed push bolt safety disconnects the trigger bar and locks the sear into the hammer. The functioning of the mechanism surpasses all applicable SAAMI safety standards.

The butt stock and tube also form the housing for the reciprocating bolt assembly. The SUB-2000 is normally supplied with one 10 round magazine according to the version.

CAUTION!-DO NOT USE ALUMINUM CASED AMMUNITION WITH THE SUB-2000 RIFLE. Doing so could result in malfunctions.

The SUB-2000 is available in the following versions only:

9mm :

Glock 17, Glock 19, S&W 59, Beretta 92, SIG 226


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